The origin of extraction and production of granules in the area of Reolto, next to the town of Stallavena, dates back to the 1920s. 
Monte Bianco S.r.l., whose production methods were first applied in this area, was founded in 1972, thanks to the initiative of a group of businessmen from Valpantena. Among these pioneers is Marcellino Tacchella, who, at the end of the 90s, acquired the entire company together with his son Ilario, which enlivened the company considerably. 
Ilario Tacchella became the director of Monte Bianco Srl in 1999, following the premature loss of his father.

Under the direction of Ilario, Monte Bianco has undergone important phases of modernization and technological innovation.
From the beginning of the new millennium to present day the company has continually invested in increasing the plant: it grew from its original surface area of about 4000 m², to a current extension covering approximately 20,000 m², and we have optimized our systems in order to guarantee a daily production of over 1000 tons.
Our privately owned quarries guarantee a constant supply of material.

Monte Bianco S.r.l. owns both an underground as well as an open-pit quarry, whereby both possessions are situated in the Township of Grezzana.

The quarry called “Cava Saline”, situated in the village of Alcenago, has belonged to the company ever since it was originally founded. “Cava Saline” is an underground quarry measuring about 150,000 m², and guarantees a constant supply of Bianco Verona, Rosa Corallo, and limestone for granules.

In addition, the Monte Bianco Company has an open-pit quarry in the town of Grezzana, where it extracts Rosa Corallo and Rosso Verona.

Monte Bianco srl uses state-of-the-art technology to produce marble granules, filler, and calcium carbonate. 
Our main production plant oversees the complete cycle of processing. After extracting the material from the quarry, where it also undergoes a preliminary grinding phase, the product is transported down the valley by a conveyor system made of steel, and then it is stored in silos.

After that, the material undergoes the process of sieving (or screening), whereby it is subdivided into various sizes of the particles. Hammer-mill grinding, on the other hand, allows us to obtain a great variety of grain sizes.

The system, which is completely soundproof, automated and under video surveillance, provides continuous, around-the-clock, seven days per week production, and, by the use of computerized probes, there is real-time checking of the flow of the material.

Quality Control.

In order to make sure that the quality of the material corresponds to the established standards, we compare and analyze the product using samples in our on-site laboratory, which has all the necessary equipment, including sieves to measure the grain size, precision scales, and a colorimeter to measure the degree of whiteness.


The important objectives reached in 2005 and 2008 are tangible proof of how the Monte Bianco Company has been continuously renovated and improved, which shows how we have always made a total effort to guarantee top-quality products and service for our clients.

A gennaio 2016 l’azienda ha ottenuto la certificazione GMP Plus per la produzione ed il trasporto di carbonato di calcio utilizzato come materia prima per mangimi.

Since July 20, 2005 our company has had the ISO 9001 certification and since April 15, 2008 our products have carried the CE branding, which is necessary certification in order to work in specific fields.

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